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Working in Regular Exercise for Computer Users
By James Penn

An estimated 72 percent of Americans now own a computer and are online. Add in other people worldwide who join them using computers and jumping online. And calculate in the growing obesity rate worldwide. The result is a large amount that continues to grow of unhealthy populations clicking keyboards for major portions of their days.

What happens most often is:

1. People continue working more and more hours on computers, many even hooked in to them via headphones with mouth pieces, taking only short breaks to get away from their terminals.

2. When these people do take breaks, they sit. And they eat.

3. When these workers go home, they repeat more of the same at home, sitting at their computers: moonlighting, growing their own businesses, having fun chatting, playing games, dating online and joining discussion forums, catching up on news and favorite ezines, and more. And again, breaks mean sitting somewhere else generally in front of the television screen - and eating.

Well, no more of that. Now its time to wake up and shake up those bodies! And the best way to do that is to start with exercise. Exercise is necessary to your losing those extra pounds. And even if you dont have any yet- it can help get and keep you in good shape for many long, happy, healthy years ahead on your computer.

Life for people was not geared towards the sit-down, sedentary lifestyle of working from chairs, watching television from chairs, etc. Instead, life is geared for action. And getting up for a sit-down snack is not the kind of action that counts here except maybe a little, like if you have to walk up 20 flights of stairs during your snack break, then back down.

Exercise to Work into Your Day

Begin by checking with your local family doctor or other healthcare provider to determine if you need any special requirements before jumping into a healthy plan. For example, for those very much over weight, starting slowly with small amounts of just the right types of exercise might be recommended. Then add activity into your plans throughout the day.

Try adding these in where you can, adjusting as needed for your lifestyle and health:

- Park farther away when you go out places: the library, work, shopping, visiting, to church, etc. Then walk the extra distance.

- Skip elevators and escalators and take the stairs.

- Sign up for a fun exercise class like Jazzercise or something at your local YMCA. Meet friends, and sign up for another class when that ones over.

- Check out exercise videos and DVDs form the public library and use them at home regularly!

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